About White-Westinghouse

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From electric ranges to frost free refrigeration, White-Westinghouse has been producing innovative appliances that consumers from around the world have trusted in their homes since 1917. The founder George Westinghouse, an innovative genius in the 19th century, is credited for the development of alternating currents, the worldwide system of electricity used today. His work laid the basis for expanded use of electricity and development of the electrical household appliance industry.

The Westinghouse Electric Company entered the appliances manufacturing business in 1917 with the production of electric ranges. Westinghouse Electric entered the appliance industry by acquiring Copeman Electric Stove Company in 1917. It moved production from Flint, Michigan to Mansfield, Ohio. Copeman had begun manufacturing its first electric ranges in 1914. Electric ranges were first demonstrated by Thomas Ahearn in 1892, gained in popularity as electrification became widespread throughout the United States.

The Westinghouse appliance line expanded when the company entered the household refrigerator market in 1930. In 1975 the name was changed to White-Westinghouse (when Westinghouse was purchased by White Consolidated Industries (WCI)).Since then, White-Westinghouse has made numerous contributions to the industry.